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15 December 2008


Jean Rau


98.9 North West FM

PO Box 403

Glenroy 3046


Dear Jean


I know the station is just like us at MHLS and likes to keep track of successes and areas for improvement.


We analysis the origin of all enquiries to the Learning Shop at the end of each term but at end of November we look at the whole year in review.


In 2008 the source of most of our enquiries about us was reported as coming equally from “Radio” and secondly from our “Brochure”: nineteen percent of enquiries in both cases (a total of 38%). This is a tremendous acknowledgment of the value of this form of promotion to us and we would like to thank North West FM for making it so easy for us to be part of community radio.


I think it also goes without saying that The Brains Department program is the real reason that we have been so successful. Its wide audience appeal, mix of humour, popular news and learning seems to be a great place for our regular ‘advertorials’. And my colleague Nader Hanna and I enjoy the time too!


We look forward to even more success in 2009. Thank you.


Yours sincerely



Michael Halls



Michael J Halls





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