Vale Paul Mason

Those of you who knew Paul Mason will be sad to learn that he passed away on May 2nd, 2019 – he had turned 90 not so long ago but was still a walking encyclopedia when it came to music (although we’re not sure Paul realized there was much music played after Frank Sinatra!)

About 2 or 3 years ago Paul thought he had run out of steam with his program ‘Stepping Out With Memories‘, so gave it up! Last year he couldn’t cope with all the spare time he had on his hands and asked to return!

Alec Mead gave him instruction on the new equipment that he’d not even seen, and Paul was off to a new start – We’re sure he’d love us to say he did a Nellie Melba!

Paul then asked if he could have the Monday noon to 2 pm spot so he could follow Alec and have a chat with him every week! Probably without any fuss, Paul would turn up and present his program – playing music to remember! What would he remember? Well it was mostly playing music to remember the date a particular artist had died!

Paul had plenty of stories to go along with the music – he was a friend of Smacka Fitzgibbon – that in itself meant lots of laughs! He told how when he worked for the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works, he remembered a particular end of year party where the MMBW had invited a young musical group who were heading to the UK to take part is a well-known contest. They were the Seekers! His stories were amazing and he loved telling them and enjoying his memories over again. Really he was just a lovely – and lovable gentleman!

He also knew at his age his life was tentative! His children hated him saying he could fall of his perch at any time – we’d have lots of laughs when this topic started – and again Paul had stories. He was a twin and he had 7 brothers and sisters altogether and lots of stories about his childhood.

We feel sad that we won’t talk with him again and hear him telling these stories as only he could put life into them! But we feel at peace with his passing – he always made it clear that he’d had a good life. What more could we ask?

Article by Jean Rau.