Vale Colin Weidner (aka ColinCountry)

Colin Weidner passed away on July 21 from a severe stroke. He was 67 years of age.

He was also known as ColinCountry and he presented a Texas country music show called Texas Time Travelin’ on 98.9 North West FM on a Saturday night for many years.

Col joined North West FM in mid 2005 and presented a music program devoted to “people that should be Texans, could be Texans, would be Texans“.

On this show you were likely to hear Tommy Alverson, Guy Clark, Heybale, Eleven Hundred Springs, Chris Wall and anybody else from Texas worth hearing.

Col covered country rock and the blues from the Lone Star State and he made several pilgrimages to Texas to the Tommy Alverson Family Gathering to find new music and old friends.

In mid November 2005, Col underwent quadruple bypass surgery and was back on air 3 weeks later. Tommy Alverson inducted Col into the “Fixed Hearts Club” and supplied Col with the official autographed T-Shirt.

Article by Frank McHugh

Vale Paul Mason

Those of you who knew Paul Mason will be sad to learn that he passed away on May 2nd, 2019 – he had turned 90 not so long ago but was still a walking encyclopedia when it came to music (although we’re not sure Paul realized there was much music played after Frank Sinatra!)

About 2 or 3 years ago Paul thought he had run out of steam with his program ‘Stepping Out With Memories‘, so gave it up! Last year he couldn’t cope with all the spare time he had on his hands and asked to return!

Alec Mead gave him instruction on the new equipment that he’d not even seen, and Paul was off to a new start – We’re sure he’d love us to say he did a Nellie Melba!

Paul then asked if he could have the Monday noon to 2 pm spot so he could follow Alec and have a chat with him every week! Probably without any fuss, Paul would turn up and present his program – playing music to remember! What would he remember? Well it was mostly playing music to remember the date a particular artist had died!

Paul had plenty of stories to go along with the music – he was a friend of Smacka Fitzgibbon – that in itself meant lots of laughs! He told how when he worked for the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works, he remembered a particular end of year party where the MMBW had invited a young musical group who were heading to the UK to take part is a well-known contest. They were the Seekers! His stories were amazing and he loved telling them and enjoying his memories over again. Really he was just a lovely – and lovable gentleman!

He also knew at his age his life was tentative! His children hated him saying he could fall of his perch at any time – we’d have lots of laughs when this topic started – and again Paul had stories. He was a twin and he had 7 brothers and sisters altogether and lots of stories about his childhood.

We feel sad that we won’t talk with him again and hear him telling these stories as only he could put life into them! But we feel at peace with his passing – he always made it clear that he’d had a good life. What more could we ask?

Article by Jean Rau.

Our Upgraded Studios

North West FM recently underwent a major refit of our studios.

Our previous panels were getting on in age and becoming increasingly difficult to keep in good shape compared to what else was available. So, thanks to a disciplined savings plan and help from the Community Broadcast Foundation, the station was able to upgrade to twin Wheatstone digital panels.

The new panels are super intelligent, easier to service and agiler when connecting to studio playout devices. The panels will make it easier for presenters to deliver their programs and help deliver better-sounding programs to the community.

Our listeners have already noticed a clearer signal on their radios and our streaming.


Glenroy Festival on Sunday April 29, 2018

North West FM will be a part of the Glenroy Festival at the Old Glenroy Primary School Site in Bridget Shortell Reserve, Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy on Sunday April 29 from 11 am to 3 pm.

The Glenroy Festival is an annual event that celebrates the diverse community of Glenroy. Join us for a day of music, dance and art, community stalls, delicious food and drink and kid’s art and sports activities. A Moreland City Council festival.

Moreland Relay For Life – March 24 and 25, 2018

Relay for life

Join the Cancer Council’s Relay For Life at Clifton Park, Albert Street, Brunswick on March 24th & 25th, 2018 as we celebrate cancer survivors, remember those we have lost and fight back against cancer.

There are a number of ways your organisation can get involved:

  • Create a team and participate in the event,
  • Volunteer your time or services, or
  • Help spread the word – promote it within your own networks.

New Antenna Saga

New antenna
November 2017: Our new temporary transmission antenna was installed at our studio on Friday November 17, 2017 and listeners were quick to acknowledge the improved radio signal.

This is a temporary solution until the new full time, full strength antenna can be erected at the Progress Reserve after ACMA (the Australian Communication and Media Authority) corrects a long existing issue.

The Hume City Council has been working with us to make this happen, and as a result, they will now be able to move forward with their plans for the former Town Hall building.

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September 2017 Update
September 2017: The setting up of the new Transmission site at Progress Reserve includes making extra submission to the Australian Communication and Media Authority.  As a result, ACMA will need more time – which means Hume and the Town Hall renovations would be held up beyond what is “reasonable”.

As a result, it has been agreed that we apply for a temporary transmission site to be located at our studio until the plans are developed for Progress Reserve to correct a long existing issue.

Hume Council is working with us to make this happen, and as a result they will be able to move forward with their plans for the former Town Hall building.

July 2017 Update
The Application Form for the temporary Transmission site has been submitted. While this permit will be obtained for a 12 months period, it is expected we will only use it for 2 or 3 months, as the Progress Reserve site should be approved by then.

At this stage, we don’t expect that our signal will be any worse than it is at the moment – with a bit of luck it will be improved. Either way, it is only temporary – and then we can look forward to the real improvement with our new permanent antenna.

April 2017 Update
More good news! Preliminary investigative work has been completed on the new site for the Antenna, and the Australian Communication and Media Authority will soon be contacted for their approval so the project can move on.

As far as we are aware, the end of June 2017 has been set as a time when we can expect to have the process complete and the antenna and transmitter operating from the new site – but watch this space!

In the meantime – if your signal is less than adequate, you can listen via the “Listen Live” streaming link on this website.

January 2017 Update
Further progress has been made with the antenna issue. We have reached agreement regarding the Lease wording to be signed once the site is ready to be turned on – and have signed a letter of agreement for this.

While it is a small step, it is still an important part of the move to get a new site established. Hume Council will now acquire any permits that are necessary; the pole will then have to be installed; and Agile Broadcast will be contracted by Council, to handle the installation of our equipment.

It is not possible to say how long this will take. Our signal will be amazing when the equipment is moved to the new site. In the meantime – if your signal is less than adequate, you can listen via the live streaming link on our website.

September 2016 Update
September 4, 2016: Here is the latest from Hume City Council regarding the new site for North West FM’s transmission.

Talks are continuing with Hume Council, who have arranged a concrete monopole to be installed at Progress Reserve – upon which our antenna and studio transmitter receiver will be attached.

We are currently working on an agreement with them for this to progress. We cannot say how much longer this will take, but it will be amazing to have our full signal strength again.

We thank the Hume City Council for their co-operative work.

July 2016 Update
July 14, 2016: Here is the latest information from Hume Council re them finding a new site for North West FM’s transmission. It’s great news.

Hume Council have informed us they have the finance set aside to install our antenna and transmitter on a pole they have in the planning to provide extra lighting to a local sports ground – details of how this will work are at this stage still being planned.

North West FM is currently working with Hume Council to get an agreement in place to support this work. If all goes as planned our antenna and transmitter will be placed near the sports building on the Progress Reserve off Almurta Avenue in Coolaroo. A great site and we hope it works out as planned. We thank the Hume City Council for this co-operative work.

North West FM Transmitter Update
February 3, 2016: Some weeks ago our old transmitter in the Broadmeadows Town Hall failed totally and our techs immediately moved the new transmitter that had been sitting idle on top of the Municipal Offices to our current transmission site.

We now have a better signal, although the new transmitter had to be turned way down so the old antenna could cope. We keep our fingers crossed the antenna doesn’t go the same way, and cause damage to the transmitter in the process.

Latest report from Hume Council told us that a second potential site had been declared as unsuitable by both our technical advisers and confirmed by ACMA. Another site is now being investigated.

Hume City Council Has Engaged A Consultant To Assist With The Relocation Of Our Antenna
September 19, 2015: Our meeting with the Hume City Council on Thursday September 18, 2015 showed Council was still unwilling to let us run another test transmission using our new antenna and transmitter on the top of their Municipal office building.

However, following further discussions, Council has now agreed to fund the relocation of our antenna and transmitter and they have engaged the services of a competent consultant to assist with the move once a suitable location is identified.

We thank all the presenters, listeners and members of the public from all walks of life for their support and assistance in moving us forward in our endeavours to have the best possible radio signal in our designated area.

2016 VTCA Cricket Award for Glenn (Scatters) Scarborough

At the recent annual general meeting of the Victorian Turf Cricket Association, Scatters was awarded Life Membership for services to the competition through his Sunday night program the North West Amateur Cricket Report. Believe it or not, he was rendered speechless and close to tears. He became Life Member No. 40 of an association that has been running for 114 years. Congratulations and well done.

Scatters said “A very very humbling experience which has made me extremely proud. I am the only person to be honoured with this award that has not served on the competition executive.

Awards like this are not the reason I do what I do but they are exciting and humbling to receive. I also realise that I do not have a show without the regular participants and I am also extremely grateful to North West FM for the opportunity I have been given to broadcast”.

The North West Amateur Cricket Report airs on Sundays 6 pm – 9 pm (October – March).