Youth On Air

Youth On Air StudentsYouth On Air is a program designed to be implemented into the curriculum of any secondary school in order to introduce them to community radio while teaching them new skills and helping expose them to new opportunities.

The program can run from eight weeks to a minimum five weeks and takes students from program development all the way to production and eventual broadcast.

The main goals of the concept are:

1. To teach young people about radio broadcasting and, in particular, community broadcasting and its role in the community.
2. Generate income for the station which will help to grow North West FM
3. Develop and maintain a youth presence at the station
4. Have teachers and students engage with their local community
5. Build relationships with teachers and schools
6. Train teachers and students how to produce radio content and to contribute to North West FM

The full program can be viewed here:

    Program Schedule: 5 or 6 weeks

    Program Schedule: 7 or 8 weeks

We have run this program successfully with the Craigieburn Secondary College and the Penola Catholic College.
For more information just email North West FM at